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הויסקוגרף הוא מכשיר בינלאומי סטנדרטי למדידה של צמיגות עמילן ומוצרים המכילים עמילן

C.W. Brabender® Viscograph-E

The Viscograph®-E is the standard instrument worldwide for measuring the viscosity of starch and of products containing starch...

Measure native starch (wheat, corn, potato, rice starch) reliably and reproducibly and get a complete profile of the rheological properties of your products:

  • gelatinization and gelification properties of starch and products containing starch

  • hot and cold viscosity

  • stability of thickening agents or binders

  • extrudate testing

  • measurement of industrial starch

  • measurement of liquids, suspensions, pastes, etc.


Technical features:

  • storage of any number of temperature programs

  • heating/cooling rates of 0.5...3°C/min (in certain sections up to 5°C/min)

  • electronic speed control

  • low-deflection torque measurement

  • automatic adaptation of the diagram scaling to the viscosity measured

  • comfortable measuring and evaluation software for all current Windows versions

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